General Inquires should be sent to

Head Event Stewards
Dominus Marcus Longinius Rufus, KSCA
His Lordship Jacob Redbourne
War Exchequer Master Arontius of Bygelswade
Pre Registration Coordinators

Her Ladyship Gwyneth Blackthorne
Baronesa Ximena

Land Reservation
–Land Steward
–RV Coordinator
–Merchant Coordinator

HL Jacob Redbourne,
HL Carrick O’Ryan,
Gate Viscountess Ceridwen ferch Morgan
Royal Liaison OPEN
Arts and Sciences Area Coordinator Duchess Eleanor de Bolton, OL
Kennari Kaelin in Storrada, OL
War Fighting
–Heavy Marshal in Charge
–Heavy Fighting Scenario Director
–Rapier/C&T MIC and Scenario Director
–Missile Combat Marshal

Master Quinn Phelan
Master Galen the Patient
HL Rashida bint Yusuf
Target Archery MIC
Thrown Weapons MIC
Interested in organizing Target Archery at ATWW? Email us at

Interested in organizing Thrown Weapons at ATWW? Email us at

Equestrian MIC Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP
Youth Activities
Interested in running youth activities at the war? Email us at
Volunteer Coordinator Kennari Cempestrae i Holtasjona 
Gold Key
Lady Helen Gaskyn
Heralds In Charge Baroness Anne FitzRichard
Dominus Marcus Longinius Rufus

For those interested in the details of running the war: War Report History (PDF)

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  • Pre-Registration Coordinator
  • Land Reservation Coordinator
  • RV Reservation Coordinator
  • Event Steward in Training
  • Arts and Sciences Scheduler
  • Royal Liaison
  • Merchant Coordinator

Week of Event:

  • Gate Teams
  • Land Layout Teams
  • Marshals
  • Heralds
  • Teachers
  • Parking Attendants