Emergency response

Our event site is located some distance from the nearest emergency response centers in Gold Beach and Port Orford. Also, cell service is, for all intents and purposes, unavailable.

With that in mind, what are our expectations for you in an emergency?

Issues requiring Ambulance / Police / Fire Department

The site owner has a landline. It is available for use in any emergency situation. The site owner’s house is located directly across the road from the gate entrance. They leave the front porch light on all night.

If the landline is unavailable, we have ham radio operators on site. Their location is marked on the map. Look for the following image on a banner:

Emergency numbers:
Gold Beach Police / Curry County Sheriff (541) 247-3242            (800) 543-8471Site address:
Lazy J Moore Ranch 96029 Euchre Creek Rd.
Gold Beach, OR 97444They will need to know the following information:
Type of emergency: fire, medical, or criminal?
Site address: Which gate is closest to the emergency?

If you call on your own, please find a staff member, tell them the details, and they will alert the autocrat.


Wildland Fire

It is possible that a wildfire will occur in the hills behind or around the site. If that happens, do not panic!

We are advised by the local officials to shelter in place (stay where you are), leaving the road open for firefighting equipment to travel to the fire. The area around the site is privately owned, so their fire response is quick and effective. If the situation changes, you will be advised by site staff or local authorities to leave.


Cascadia Earthquake and/or Tsunami

The Pacific Northwest has a long history of infrequent yet very large earthquakes. In the unlikely event that we experience an earthquake Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

Once the shaking stops, gather your loved ones (friends, spouses, children and animals), and head for the nearest hill. Do not plan on getting to your vehicle and driving out! There are two bridges between the site and Hwy 101 which may be knocked down. The steep hills above the road may slide. Just head for a hillside.

Climb at least 150 feet in elevation. Do not wait to see if a wave has been generated! This is how many people die in tsunamis.

*For mobility challenged individuals, please make arrangements within your camp, or with neighboring camps, to help get you to safety.*

In the case of a distant earthquake that generates a tsunami, we will try and issue warnings. Several staff are on various alert/warning distribution lists, and the Sheriff’s office knows we are out here. Technically, we are above the Distant Earthquake Tsunami evacuation level, but it would be unfortunate to be technically correct and swept out to sea.