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Genevieve Choue – Order of the Pelican, An Tir

Friday – 8:00pm – Argent Company Encampment

The vigil for Genevieve Choue will occur Friday evening (approx 8pm) at the Argent Company Encampment by the Warfield.
Please come partake in Hatian foods and drink to honor Genvieve’s heritage and provide words of wisdom or congratulations as she prepares for this next leg of her journey and joins the Order of the Pelican.

If you are unable to attend but would like to send words to be included in the vigil book please send them via email to

Jared Galen – Order of the Chivalry, West

Thursday Night – Mists Royal Encampment

Greetings to the most noble Kingdom and populace of An Tir! I am proud to announce that Their Majesties have seen fit to place my squire Jared Galen on vigil for elevation to the Chivalry. Jared will be elevated at West/An Tir War, in West Court on Friday. All are welcome to join him as he sits his vigil around the fire in the Mists Royal encampment at War on Thursday night, in the style pioneered so recently by Sir Daud ibn Ali. All are welcome to join us there and join the discussion of Chivalry.

Hans, Prince Consort of the Mists

Marcus Longinius Rufus – Order of the Chivalry, An Tir

Friday – 7:00PM(After An Tir Court) – Argent Company Encampment

On Friday evening of the war, following Their Royal Majesties Court, Marcus Longinius Rufus will sit vigil in his Roman encampment located within the Argent Company camp.

Please come sit by the fire, and share your words of wisdom and insights as Rufus contemplates his path to knighthood and his future as a member of the Chivalry of An Tir. Join in a glass of Roman wine and snacks befitting of his station.

Seamus O’Caellaigh – Order of the Pelican, An Tir

Friday – 8:00pm – House Honey Badger Encampment

The Vigil for Seamus will occur Friday at approximately 8pm. Come leave words of wisdom in his Vigil book, eat late period English inspired “pielets”, snack on yummy snacks, drink Arch Rock brewery’s finest Porter or Ale, and sip the signature cocktail made for him by Baroness Milisandia.

Find him in the Vigil space between House Honey Badger and the Shire of Tymberhavene with Taran sitting Vigil too!

Taran Daestingr – Order of the Laurel, An Tir

Friday – 8:00pm – House Honey Badger Encampment

Join House Honey Badger in celebrating Taran’s imminent elevation to the Order of the Laurel with fine food, marvelous subtleties, and good company!

While she welcomes words of wisdom and congratulations, Taran will not be sequestered, feeling that she’s had quite enough isolation and quiet contemplation during her 847 long days on vigil.

Thora Jorsalafari – Order of the Laurel, An Tir

Friday Night – Camp Trouble Encampment

Dear companions of the Order of the Laurel, SCA friends of Thora Jorsalafari, and all other pillars of SCA wisdom,
Please join us in Camp Trouble (in our usual spot across from the war field) for Thora’s vigil on Friday evening beginning at 8 pm.
We are hosting a joint vigil with the wonderful Ula Paulson. We will have tasty Viking Age and more modern snacks and Norse culture offerings periodically throughout the evening.

Bring your sage advice, questions intended to cause the vigilant to ponder her new responsibilities, and your sense of fellowship and curiosity. It will be an evening of hospitality and education. If you are unable to attend and would like me to add your words to Thora’s “yearbook,” please send via messenger or message me to get my email address.

Meistara Reginleif in harfagra, Companion of the Order of the Laurel.

Ula Brennasdottir – Order of the Laurel, West

Friday Night – Camp Trouble Encampment


Royal Tea

Friday – 2:00pm – An Tir Royal Pavilion on the War Field

Let all folk assembled for the conflict between An Tir and the West find respite in the glorious hospitality of the Queens of these two great lands! On Friday at 2:00pm please join Their Majesties, Queen Dagmar and Queen Rauokinn and the assembled Princesses and Noble Consorts of these lands at the An Tir Royal Pavilion for food, drinks, and gracious company! Libations of alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties as well as assorted snacks will be provided; please bring your own drinking vessel. Masks are not required, but are welcomed.

DaneLaw Viking Fun!

Friday – 4:00pm(Following the Rose Tourney) – West Royal Encampment

Please join House DaneLaw for an afternoon of Viking fun!

To all who value the tenets of hospitality, fellowship, and camaraderie, the Danelaw invites you to a great afternoon of Norse culture this coming West An Tir war on Freya’s Day!

Beginning half an hour after the Rose tourney on Friday under the watchful eyes of Hugin and Munninn, and the ancestors in Valhalla, a grand prize tournament shall be held. This tournament shall include prizes both for the winner and the final non-knight in the list. Once you are eliminated you may enter a second bear pit style tournament in ‘Valhalla’, fighting for the prize of the Most Viking Heart!

Once the fighting is over, in the DaneLaw camp the fellowship shall continue with trading, story telling, and games!

BIG GAY Root Beer Floatcial

Saturday – 8:00pm – House Honey Badger Encampment

Look for the 12 ft Skeleton with the Rainbow Flag!

West Coast Blue Feather, House Honey Badger, and Tower and Bramble invite you to the second annual BIG GAY Root Beer Floatcial! We’ll have root beer, we’ll have ice cream, we’ll have ‘mix ins’ for the 21+ who so wish! We’ll have FABULOUS COMPANY!
Questions? Email:

Toga Party!

Saturday – 8:00pm(After Grand Court) – An Tir Royal