A&W War

Welcome to the war!

Come once again to the beautiful, temperate coastlands and the epic war between the mighty Kingdoms of An Tir and the West. There will be battles, both heavy and rapier. There will be Arts and Sciences, rapier and archery, equestrian activities galore--and of course there will be fine merchants.


Site OPENS for Merchants on July 2 at NOON.  Site opens on JULY 3rd at Noon for the populace.  SITE CLOSES ON THE 7TH AT 3:00PM EVERYONE MUST BE PACKED UP AND OFF SITE BY THAT TIME.  No exceptions.  

Attention travelers coming North on HWY 101: It has been a very wet winter on the south coast of Oregon. HWY 101 has several trouble spots between Brookings and Gold Beach, with at least one section being reduced to a gravel one lane passage, controlled by flaggers and/or temp stop lights.

Please consult Tripcheck.com when planning your trip to the war. The biggest slide area is not going to be fixed by the time of the war.

2019 Cancer Tournament is updated!






Please note: This event site is rented by the Kingdom An Tir and as such reserves the right to move the site layout as seems fit.  All decisions on land layout is at the event team’s discretion. The site owner does not/will not negotiate land with you. Do not leave anything on site at the end of the event, if you do, it will be put in the trash or lost and found as appropriate.  The site closes on Sunday.  No one will be allowed to stay pass Sunday.  This is non-negotiable.  Once the site closes you are to be off site. 

If you have any questions on this please contact either Nadezedha or Attia.

The site is always updating, keep coming back for more information.

The Map is being worked on for 2019! But it is okay to look at last year's map.

There will be NO charge for land this year.


*This map WILL change.

site information

Lazy J Ranch, 96029 Euchre Creek Rd Gold Beach OR 97444. Check the weather here.

North: Make your best way to Port Orford Oregon. Head south from Port Orford on Hwy 101 approx 16 miles. Last milepost seen is 316. You turn left on to Ophir road just before you would reach milepost 317. Then turn left onto Euchre Creek road. Follow road to site, approx 1 mile.

South: Make your best way to Gold Beach Oregon. Head north out of Gold Beach on Hwy 101 for approx 11 miles to milepost 317. Turn right on to Ophir road. Turn left onto Euchre Creek road. Follow road to site, approx 1 mile.

Have questions? See if we have the answers here!

Onsite Services

  • Recycling & ash cans
  • Dumpsters
  • Firewood for purchase
  • Showers

Local Services

Hotels & Motels

Grocery & Supplies

  • Nesika Beach Market, 4 miles south - small local market. (Supporting war with Ice & other things)
  • McKay's Gold Beach, 12 miles  south, open 24 hours
  • Ray's Market Gold Beach, 13 miles south
  • Ray's Market Port Orford, 14 miles north
  • Fred Meyer Brookings, 40 miles south, full service with groceries, Starbuck's, fuel, sporting goods, pharmacy, hardware, etc.
  • Dan's ACE, 29733 Ellensburg Ave, Gold Beach, OR 97444 (541.247.6822)
  • Kerr's Ace Hardware.  Full service, including lumber yard; 41 miles south, 711 Chetco Avenue, Brookings, OR 97415 (541.469.3139)


  • Corner Drug, 29670 Ellensburg Ave, Gold Beach, OR 97444 (541) 247-4544
  • Valurite Pharmacy, Next door to 24 hour McKay's Grocery Store
  • Fred Meyer, 325 5th St, Brookings, OR 97415 (541) 469-1643
  • Chetco Pharmacy & Gifts 890 Chetco Point Ter, Brookings, OR 97415 (541) 469-2616
  • Rite Aid, 16261 Highway 101 S, Harbor, OR 97415 (541) 469-3121


  • Curry General Hospital, 94220 4th St, Gold Beach, OR 97444, (541) 247-6621
  • Sutter Coast Hospital, www.suttercoast.org, 800 E Washington Blvd, Brookings, OR 97415, (541) 469-9611


  • Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, 15740 Highway 101 Brookings, OR 97415, 541-469-4661

history of the war

Tradition saying it was started over the correct texture of chocolate chip cookies (chewy or crunchy), this war has its earliest roots as the Shasta Punitive Raid in AS 11 (August ‘76) where "sides were chosen [&] An Tir emerged victorious, thus forcing the Kingdom to keep Shasta." The following year on the now-traditional weekend, the 2nd Annual Shasta Counter-Invasion was held, calling mercenaries to “HELP SUPPORT--or oppose--THE MANIFEST DESTINY OF AN TIR." Next year's was called the Golden Rivers and Lion's Gate War. Though Kingdom history records no war in '79, it returned in '80 and again in ‘83 as the Lionsgate-Westermark War before again laying fallow again for a year. It returned in its current form in 1985 as West-AnTir / AnTir-West War. After drifting from battlefield to battlefield for decades, it found a home in Gold Beach in 2007 and remains there to this day.

-– compiled from the History of the Kingdom of the West website by Maestra Sarre Greyhand