Equestrian Area Activities

Thursday, June 30th

1500-1700 – Riding Authorizations
If you need to authorize or be reauthorized, please pre schedule with with the EqMIC or an authorizing marshal from your kingdom. We do have several horses being made available for authorizing purposes if needed.

1700-1800 – Drill and ceremony formations/no horses
Discussion and footwork to help understand how horses were used in combat with cavalry manuvers as well as ceremonial drills

Friday, July 1st

1000-1200 – Rossfecten ground class/ no horses
This is the ground class to help understand the sword techniques used on horseback before getting on your horses. No horses will be used for this class.

1200-1400 – Drill and ceremonial formations/Horses
Taking the information from the first class, and applying it to horseback manuvers

1400-1600 – Jousting crew 101
Learn how to effectively ground crew for a jousting tournament

1400-1600 – Jousting 101
A training session dedicated to teaching the intermediate aspects of historical jousting. For the first hour, anyone is welcomed to come and learn about techniques of lance control, handling, targeting, timing and position in jousting. The second half of the class will be geared towards riding the horses and utilizing what is taught in the first half. Equestrians do not have to be authorized for jousting but must be authorized for riding and games. Armour is not required for this class. There will be some lances, but please feel free to bring your own if you wish. Although these classes provide an excellent opportunity for those who wish to become authorized in the Wooden Lance Jousting, the same skills are used when jousting with Foam Lances.

1700-1800 – Autocratting an event with horses
Discussion on what you need to know to add Equestrian activities to your event as an Autocrat!

1800-1900 – Ride Before a Prince discussion/no horses
Discussion on what to do for Ride before a Prince, different activities to add into your routine, how the tournament is judged

Saturday, July 2nd

1000-1200 – Rossfecten/Horses
Working with swords on horses back

1200-1300 – Come meet the horses!
Meet and greet the horses! We will have treats that you can feed and lots of opportunity to pet the horses! Horses that wll be used for the meet and greet are especially trained to be exceptionally calm. Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult and must listen to direction.

1300-1500 – Ground to Mounted Desensitization
This class is meant to help desensitize horses to ground combat,working slowly with people on the ground using techniques to help desensitize the horses. We also teach ground people how to work with the horses in combat situations and recognize when to back down the energy to give the horse enough soace and time to adjust to become desensitized. All are welcomed, even if you don;t have a horse

1500-1700 – Jousting 201/Horses
Building on the experience gained in Jousting 101, this class will concentrate more on developing the skills required to make actual passes with an opponent such as riding in armour, horse desensitization, measuring passes and handling unexpected situations. If individual horse and rider are ready, we will make breaking passes with both types of lances. Approved jousting armour is required (for foam or wooden lance styles). Some lances and tips will be supplied but participants can bring their own if they wish. Although these classes provide an excellent opportunity for those who wish to become authorized in the Wooden Lance Jousting, the same skills are used when jousting with Foam Lances.

1500-1700 – Jousting Crew 201
This class will apply what was learned in the 101 class, with horses involved!

1700-1800 – Ride Before a Prince Practice
Practice time for anyone wishing to learn Ride Before a Prince or to compete in the competition

Sunday, July 3rd

1000-1200 – Rossfecten Practice
This time will be used to practice rossfecten techniques

1200-1400 – Mounted Archery
A short class will be done in the beginning for those needing it, and time to practice mounted archery after.

1400-1600 – Ride Before a Prince Competition
This competition will be a judged competition, so bring your best!

1700-1800 – Challenge Course
A small challenge course will be set up to practice your medieval skills, Rings, Reeds, Heads, spear, and possible more.

Monday, July 4th

1100-1300 – Rossfecten Coached Tourney
This tourney will allow the rider to apply everything learned and practiced to a tournament style that will be coached by the instructr when needed.

1300-1400 – Mounted Archery Tournament
This tournament will apply what was learned and practiced in the Mounted archery class

1400-1600 – Jousting practice
If there is an interest, this time will be used to allow the who took the class to practice passes under the coaching of the jousting instructor