A&W War Site Rules & FAQ

Site Rules | Frequently Asked Questions

Site Rules

  1. Please note: This site is rented by the Kingdom An Tir and as such reserves the right to move the site layout as seems fit. All decisions on land layout is at the event team’s discretion. The site owner does not/will not negotiate land with you. Do not leave anything on site at the end of the event, if you do it will be put in the trash or lost and found as appropriate. If you have any questions on this please contact either Nedezedha or Attia.
  2. Please smoke/vape in the privacy of your camp away from public areas, for the comfort & safety of all. Remember, Merchant Row, Town Square, EQ Arena, War Fields, archery/thrown weapons ranges, A&S, Courts, activity areas, and roads are specifically no-smoking areas.  Do NOT smoke on the bridge.
  3. Generators can be run during the times of 7:30 am - 10:00 pm
  4. No medical or recreational marijuana of any kind at the event, as SCA insurance and policy does not allow any cannabis or other federally controlled substances at SCA sanctioned events.”
  5. There is a creek/river onsite, bear this in mind concerning pets & children.
  6. It may be cool and pleasant here but remember hydration and sunscreen!
  7. If the grass is long the ground is likely SOFT! Don't drive in unmown or muddy areas! RV's will not be allowed to pass the RV parking area. This will be enforced. Anyone thinking it is a good idea to drive somewhere else maybe asked to leave site
  8. This is a working farm and also wildlife in the area; keep your pets under control at all times and have record of current vaccinations. Do NOT pet or feed livestock, do NOT approach wild animals.
  9. Please don't burn our survey stakes! Please return pulled wooden stakes to Volunteer Point so we can use them again!
  10. Fire Regulations: no ground fires, clear grass back 6’ around fire pits, attend any flame source at all times, have extinguisher nearby, etc. NO fire-dancing, fire-spinning, fire-breathing, no black powder, etc. Oregon Department of Forestry or Coos Forest Protective Agency can ban even campfires at any time. If this happens, the Stewards will send out a town cry to that effect.  {SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT LAST MINUTE}
  11.  There are ash barrels for the remains from your fire-pits. Please use them, and do not put your coals and ashes in a dumpster. Let’s avoid having another dumpster fire as we have had in the past. *Don't dump garbage in the ASH BARRELS*
  12. Please haul your trash to the dumpsters.
  13. Quiet Hours are midnight to 6am.
  14. The event site is not in the tsunami inundation zone, but the beach and the road coming in are. If you feel the ground shake, and you are near the beach, move to high ground immediately. If you are notified of a tsunami, follow instructions from staff and emergency responders. A tsunami is a series of waves that can keep coming for many hours. Do not return to the beach for at least 24 hrs.
  15. Directions to the nearest medical facility: Leave site by turning left (west) onto Euchre Creek Rd and go for 1.2 mi, Turn right onto County Road 509 / Squaw Valley Rd & go for 269 ft then Keep left to stay on County Road 509 / Squaw Valley Rd & go for 507 ft. Turn left onto US-101 & go for 11.9 mi. Turn left onto E 4th St (Shell gas on the corner) & go for 0.1 mi: Arrive at 94220 4th St.
  16. The Staff of the War would kindly ask that everyone to please avoid channels 7, 8, 9 and 10, as they use these to run your War.

Frequently Asked Questions, in no particular order:

  1. What's the weather like? --- Being on the southern Oregon coast, it will be very mild in temperature, 50s at night and most commonly 70s during the day, often with morning fog and prevailing east/west wind. Weather by Wunderground. Though it's cool, don't forget your sunscreen!
  2. Can I drive on the field to unload? --- Yes, but please be aware that there will likely be boggy areas. If it looks marshy or there are already muddy ruts, be very careful to avoid getting stuck. RVs are not allowed. No exceptions
  3. Do I have to sign the equestrian waiver? --- Yes, everyone has to sign the equestrian waiver. Even if I have a blue card? --- Yes. Even if I'm not going to do any activities with horses? --- Yes.
  4. Where is ______? --- Please refer to the Map for locations of points of interest and preregistered camps.
  5. Are there showers? --- Yes, the showers will be by gate.
  6. Can I bring my dog/cat/pet? --- Please remember, this site is a working farm. Pets are limited to cats, dogs, and non-livestock birds, a minimum of 6 months old. All pets must contained or be on a leash tethered to a person or immobile object at all times. Any exceptions to this must be okayed by the War Staff and site owner. All animals must have proof of current rabies vaccination. Proof must show an expiration date and be presented at gate upon arrival.
  7. Is the water onsite potable? --- The from the spigots onsite is potable. You are not allowed to block spigots.
  8. Can I run a generator? --- Generators can be run during the times of 7:30 am - 10:00 pm
  9. Is there cellphone signal on site? --- Cell reception is weak and low-bandwidth (often no better than 2G 2-bars) on site and some carriers receive no reception at all. Verizon, and perhaps Sprint, are known to get *some* coverage, though it can be patchy.
  10. What do I do with Garbage? What about recycle? --- There are dumpsters near Gate; please take your garbage there. Please do not leave it in your camp area or near the privies. If you wish to separate your recycle, please bag your redemption-value recycles separately and place the bag next between the dumpsters.
  11. Is firewood sold on site? --- Yes
  12. Is ice sold on site? --- No, the nearest source is Nesika Market. More local markets are listed on the homepage and in the Gate Book.
  13. Where can I smoke/vape? --- Within personal camps away from “public” areas (roads, A&S, merchants, etc) as the rest of the site is smoke/vape-free.
  14. Is there a day-trip rate? --- No.
  15. Can I have a few mundanes show up on site for my wedding/handfasting/feast celebrating my life? --- The Official SCA answer is: no, they have to pay gate.
  16. Can I do fireworks? Where can I go to see fireworks? --- Fireworks are NOT allowed on site. If you want to go see a 4th of July fireworks display, there are ones in Gold Beach.
  17. Now that marijuana is legal in Oregon, can I bring some to the event? --- "As of July 1, 2015, recreational marijuana became legal in Oregon. There are limits to the law; marijuana is not allowed to be consumed in a public place. Measure 91 defines a public place as a general place where the public has access. This includes all special events with OLCC licenses." The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., is a national organization. We are able to rent this site and obtain the insurance coverage  only because we are part of the SCA. We must abide by SCA policy which does not allow any marijuana or other federally controlled substances at SCA sanctioned events. So, no medical or recreational marijuana of any kind at the event.
  18. Can I bring my cannon? --- No, it is against SCA bylaws.
  19. I want to run a fundraiser for ______. What do I do? As fundraisers are a sales-type activity, they are grouped with merchants but but receive a free "booth space." Please contact the Merchant Coordinator for further details.
  20. Can we have a brewery/meadery booth in the merchant area? --- The short answer is No: SCA FAQ states: According to the Corporate Policies of the SCA Inc., section VIII: "Manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages by the SCA or its branches or subdivisions is prohibited within the United States and its territories. The use of any SCA funds for the purchase of potable alcohol, except for such quantities as may be necessary for cooking, is prohibited in the United States and its territories." Therefore, alcohol may not be provided by the SCA, whether for sale or for free. SCA funds may not be used to purchase alcohol. Officers may not serve alcohol as officers -- if they are serving alcohol, it is as individuals and not as representatives of the SCA. Cash bars operated by outsides parties are fine, as long as they are operated in accordance with the site's rules (this is usually not an issue, as cash bars are generally operated by the site owners). Individuals are welcome to bring alcohol to events and serve it as individuals to whomever they please, as long as any and all rules imposed by the site regarding alcohol are followed. in all cases the real-world laws regarding alcohol must be adhered to.
    Also, in A Guide to Introduce Our Organization to Site Owners and Managers for Potential Use of Facilities by the SCA, it specifies "Merchants (for the sale of period goods and supplies; no alcohol)".
    In regards to alcohol, events, and money, Oregon Law states: A liquor license is needed at special events where: Alcohol will be sold. Alcohol is available (but not being sold), and you are charging or accepting donations of for admission, or where payment is required to attend the event. A liquor license is not needed at special events where: You are making alcohol available, but there is no payment or purchase required, and no donations of money are accepted, for alcohol, or for entry/admission, or for any other product or service. An example is a wedding reception where you make alcohol available, but you don’t require payment or purchase and don’t accept donations of money."
    The event does not have a liquor license, nor does the event insurance allow for it, so no money can be exchanged in any form on site for alcohol.