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Rapier & Cut and Thrust activities


Shared Rule Set for An Tir West War 2019 – Rapier and Cut & Thrust

In an effort to accommodate both the Kingdoms of the West and An Tir, we will be using a shared rule set, first introduced in 2013:

  1.  All rules unless otherwise noted are to follow the Society Rapier Handbook and common sense. Fighters’ armor requirements follow their kingdom’s rules and the host kingdom’s weapon rules.
  2.  In rapier melee, to avoid confusion, any blow struck percussive can be discounted in rapier. Cuts in Melee would be defined as valid with 6” of draw or ¼ of the circumference of the limb, whichever is smaller. These would include Draw, Push, and Tip cuts.
  3.  In rapier one-on-one combat (tournaments and pick-ups), the individual combatants agree between themselves before the start of the bout what they are willing to safely take as a valid blow. This would allow for any type of cut as long as both parties agree to it before lay on. If a fighter doesn’t feel safe having percussive blows thrown at them, and makes it clear before the start of the bout, then in that bout any percussive blow will invalidate the action.
  4. If struck with a valid leg shot in rapier combat, fighters can knee walk. If unable to knee walk, they may choose to post, kneel, sit, or take the blow as a death.
  5. In Rapier, valid strikes to the hand will incapacitate the full arm.
  6. Bucklers will be limited to a 26” shield size.
  7. Rapier spears will not be allowed in either melees or tournaments.
  8. Cut and Thrust armor will be by kingdom standards but fighters are highly recommended to wear rigid hand and forearm protection as required in An Tir.
  9.  Cut and Thrust Melees are only open to members who have been selected by their kingdom marshal to participate in the melee experiment, in accordance with society rules.

Heavy War scenarios




Greetings Unto the Knowne World,

All heavy combatants are invited to participate in the SIXTH annual fundraising tournament at West / An Tir War to benefit the Providence Cancer Center.

For a $10 entry donation you will have the opportunity to fight for the honor of your consort, win a fantastic prize, and support cancer research. Consorts, I invite you to inspire your fighter by standing at their side. Prizes will be awarded for over all winner, most chivalric fighter, most inspiring consort, and highest single donation. The first fifty entrants will also receive a unique token. (Any remaining tokens will be sold for $5 each.)

We are also seeking lists people, marshals, and heralds. Please let me know if you are available to support the tournament in this way.

Come support your favorite fighter!

Witness acts of chivalry and inspiration!

Kick cancer to the curb!

What: Cancer Fundraising Tournament
When: Saturday, July 6 after war scenarios
Where: Town Square
Why: Because cancer sucks!

(To donate without participating in the tournament please go to https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/FINISHCANCER/UlaPaulsen)

In Service,
Baroness Ula Brennasdottir, OP

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