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Adult (age 18+)

     (With SCA Membership Discount)

     Day-trip fee (Fri or Sat only)

$ 50

$ 45

-- N/A --

$ 55

$ 50


Youth (17 and under)



Pre Registration Options

Use the online form and pay via PayPal

Complete your online pre-reg with a *valid contact email* and and indicate you want to pay via PalPal. A PayPal invoice will be sent to you for your total within a week of the receipt of your registration.  Pay the invoice and your registration is complete. Per kingdom policy, all invoices must be paid within 10 days. Invoices not paid within this deadline will be cancelled and the registrations voided. No replacement invoices will be issued if you re register, and you will either need to pre reg via check or money order or pay the at-gate price upon arrival.

Use the online form and pay via check

Complete online pre reg and follow the instructions to pay via check; please mail your check within 7 days (postmark) of your registration.If you don’t send payment via check, you will need to pay the at-gate price when you arrive. All Check payments must be received by June 7, 2019

Use the fillable PDF and pay via check
Complete the PDF (link) and mail in with your payment.  ALL MAILED PRE REG MUST BE RECEIVED by June 1, 2019. 

Please Note: If a check comes back from a bank (or other financial institution) and is declared as NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), at a minimum we must ask for the fees charged by Chase Bank (the bank holding the An Tir / West War Accounts) to handle the NSF check. At this time, this fee is $12.00. We completely understand that mistakes happen, so if you wish to send a replacement check (or money order) please include the bank fee charged to An Tir / West War on top of the registration fee for the Event. Thank You.

Please remember that your pre-registration is NOT complete without payment, and if your payment does not arrive in time, you will be asked to pay at gate without pre-reg discount. Payment via PayPal will NOT be available at gate.

Cancellations/Refunds: Email the Pre-Reg Officer to request a cancellation and refund by June 15th. Refunds will be issued by check following the event.

Even if you pre reg online, please save yourself some time at gate by completing your waivers ahead of time!  You can scan or photograph your waivers and email them to the Pre Reg Officer.


  • Show proof of membership (blue card or website membership documentation) with membership current through close of event
  • Sign equestrian waiver 


  • Sign non member waiver (link)
  • Sign equestrian waiver EQ Waiver


  • Show proof of membership OR minor waiver (Minor Waiver)
  • Equestrian waiver-  For a minor child, the legal guardian should complete the form on their behalf as follows: “[Parent’s Legal Name] as parent on behalf of [Child’s Legal Name]”, or "[Guardian’s Legal Name] as legal guardian on behalf of [Child’s Legal Name]”
  • Have completed minor medical authorization (MMA) with them at the event

Concerning minors

Are you bringing a child or youth? If you are planning to bring children other than your own (this including minor siblings) to an event, here's what you and their parents need to do:

  1. Print a minor waiver and an equestrian waiver, and have the parent or legal guardian fill it out.
  2. Print off 3 copies of the medical authorization form, and have the parent or legal guardian fill them out. One copy stays with the parent or legal guardian, one stays with the adult indicated on the form who is responsible for the minor at the event and one stays with the minor for the ENTIRE event.
  3. Create a photocopy of the parent or legal guardian’s driver’s license or comparable ID (see medical authorization form for complete details).

This is not difficult, and will save you hours of time at gate, because gate *will* insist that you go and get these things. If you do not have this paperwork, the minor will NOT be allowed on site. Thank you for your attention!

Information for Parents

In the interest of keeping the children safe and allowing them to enjoy our SCA events, it has became necessary for the SCA to have rules in place regarding youth at events. Most outdoor sites have some natural hazards for children, such as lakes and fast moving rivers and streams. These should be noted in the site handout. You will of course want to be familiar with these natural features. In addition, please read over these rules and discuss the importance of them with your children.

“The Society Seneschal Policy for Youth Activities has been expanded to clarify requirements, responsibilities, enforcement, and repercussions for noncompliance.

Parents or Guardians who bring minors to an event must ensure their children’s activities are compliant with SCA Laws, Policies and site rules that require minors 12 and under to be within sight/sound of a responsible parent/guardian at all times. All youth activities must have two adults, unrelated to each other, at all times and the activity must stop if that number falls below the required. This policy does not relieve parents or guardians of their primary responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their children. All youth attending youth activities and classes will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The SCA youth events and classes should not be considered a babysitting service for youth.

Neglect of Parental (or Guardian) responsibility for minors:

  1. If event/branch SCA officials find minors in breach of SCA Governing Documents, Laws. Policies or site rules they will (for a first offence) escort the minor to their parent/guardian and issue a verbal warning. A report on the incident will be tendered to the local and Kingdom Seneschal.
  2. On a second offense at a given event, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to keep their minor(s) with them for the remainder of the function. A report on the incident will be tendered to the local, Kingdom and Society Seneschal.
  3. On a third offense, the minor (s) *and * parent(s)/guardian(s) will be expelled from the event, and the matter will be reported to local, Kingdom and Society Seneschals.
  4. Habitual offenders will be subject to review by Kingdom and Society level for possible sanctions.”