• Cooks' Playdate

    A cooks play date is where we cook period recipes with an approximation of period techniques … that is over fire in little pots with feet (aka pipkins). You do not need to camp in the play date area to participate in the cooking, but it may be easier since all your camp cooking equipment will be closer to where you are using it.

    Teaching on various subjects related to period cooking will generally happen in a fairly informal manner. The cooking during the day is generally of two sorts … “play food” and food for dinner. “Play food” is usually cooking experiments done in the earlier part of the day, and dinner food is for that specific meal.

    The Friday of the event is generally “fish day”, as it was in period for most times and places. You are not required to cook fish dishes that day, but if you want to do so, there will be a run into town to the fish monger that morning to fetch fresh seafood.

    The grocery stores in the area are adequate, so you can do most of your provisioning once you get there, but if you will need any particularly esoteric ingredients for your dishes, please bring it with you.

    The play date works best as a communal effort. We generally set a time for dining together. We also share in the fire tending, water fetching and garbage removal duties. Cooking equipment needs to be cleaned as we go throughout the day, so if you use any cooking implements, clean them as soon as is practical after you are done.

    Cooks need eaters, so if you wander too close, be warned that we may try to feed you yummy foods.

    If you wish to camp in the play date area, please contact me directly to let me know how many people in your camp, the footprint of your tent(s), when you plan to arrive and what equipment you are bringing that you would be willing to share. If you would like to bring something to contribute to this effort, but don’t know what you be useful, there is always a need for hardwood charcoal (not briquettes).

    Thanks, Juana Isabella

    Guild Row

    Blacksmith Playdate is expanding into being Guild Row this year: an area for those wanting to set up and demo their craft.

    No "merchanting" or sales allowed on Guild Row. Anyone merchanting must apply to be a merchant and set up in the Merchant Village.


    An Tir West War shall be upon us soon! Volunteering makes you popular, well liked and probably a lot better looking. Volunteering is a good thing. We need volunteers, because many hands make a task more joyous. Marshals, heralds, gate, set-up, take-down, running messages, fetching water... no task is too small for our helpful volunteers. Please contact me if you have skills you would like to volunteer. We are also looking for gifts (largesse) to offer our volunteer staff. Can't go to the war? You can still help by donating a prize for our volunteers!  Please email Ekaterina to inquire about volunteer choices!  


    Youth Activities

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