Merchant Application: opens January, closes JUNE 5th.

MAIL-IN: DOWNLOAD MERCHANT PACKET HERE, must postmarked by June 5, 2018.


*ALL MERCHANTS WILL BE JURIED BY COMMITTEE* You are NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation from the Merchant Coordinator. Remember to read your entire packet, including the merchant contract, and include everything listed on the checklist; incomplete packets may be returned.

*FUNDRAISERS: As fundraisers are a sales-type activity, they are grouped with merchants but but receive a free "booth space." Please contact the Merchant Coordinator for further details.

How does paying via PayPal work? Complete your online application (and any needed pre-reg) with a *valid contact email* and and indicate you want to pay via PalPal. Registering in this way, you can register 1 (one) Adult; any others of your booth need to be registered via the ONLINE FORM -- please use the same contact email for all registered to your booth to be included on the same invoice. After submitting this and any added personal registrations, your Merchant application will be juried by the committee. Once approved, the Merchant Coordinator will send you a PayPal invoice for your total. Your application is complete when payment has been received.

Please Note: If a check comes back from a bank (or other financial institution) and is declared as NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), at a minimum we must ask for the fees charged by Chase Bank (the bank holding the An Tir / West War Accounts) to handle the NSF check. At this time, this fee is $12.00. We completely understand that mistakes happen, so if you wish to send a replacement check (or money order) please include the bank fee charged to An Tir / West War on top of the registration fee for the Event. Thank You.

*maps are subject to change.