Moonlight Madness comes to An-Tir West War: Friday 7-10 pm! Alongside the Torchlight Tourney in the Town Square, we invite merchants to stay open into the dark hours and the populace who have filled their days to come over and peruse.

Merchant Map 2017

*maps are subject to change.

5 Amicia's Amenities 30 Palmyra Traders
18 Boots by Bohemond 22 Pastiche
12 Barefoot Cordwainer 28 Raincoast Arts
16 Bronzehammer 17 Raymond's Quiet Press
1 Brunetta Blacksmithing 23 Reannag Teine
9 Burnt Village 24 Redwolf ltd
11 Calontir Trim 19 Red Troll Forge
29 Damask Raven 14 Roelent Arms & Crafts
13 FireDryk Steel 26 Rose City Acupuncture & Massage
4 Goblin's Market 25 Sign of the Hawk
7 Henna by Tassled Camel 10 Seven Meadows Archery
21 Laurel Cavanaugh, Goldsmith 31 Thistillium Pottery
6 Longship Luxury Goods 15 Viking Age Imports
27 Mossy Rose 20 Wild Hare Woodworks
8 Norse Gypsy Forge   Sir Blackhand (wandering merchant)


Over the Wall Brats (space 2)

Tentative Menu
Breakfast Meal $7.00
    6” Irish Banger Sausage
    Bowl of Barley Pottage (like oatmeal) w/ optional add-ins.
        Dried fruits, Nuts, Butter, Honey, Etc. v 3 German Doughnuts w/ o Cinnamon and sugar
    Choice of Drink (see below)

Sausage Meal (Lunch/Dinner) $7.00
    6” Sausage (All 100% Pork)
        Yellow (Saffron + Parmesan Cheese) Messisbugo 1557
        Saveloy (Sweet Fennel + Fresh Mint) Scappi 1570
        Irish Banger (Allspice, White pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg, Sage, Cinnamon, Cloves)
        A Good Bratwurst (White pepper, Sage, Marjoram) Sabina 1553
    Cabbage the Athenian Way (Shredded Cabbage, white balsamic vinegar, & honey)
    Soft Bread Roll
    1 Large Dill Pickle
    Choice of Drink (see below)
    Condiments (all Hand Made)
        Mustard (Sweet, Red wine, Hot)
        Pickled Onions
        No Ketchup!

Single Sausage $4.00

Period Fried Food
    Lautensternchen (Funnel Cake, Sabina 1553)
    German Doughnuts (Sabina 1553)
    Pipefarces (Cheese Sticks, Le Menagier de Paris 1393)

Drinks $1.00
    Hot/Iced Coffee
    Lavender Lemonade
  McLavendar's (space 3)

Tentative Menu
Crepes, fried things, food, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Merchant applications for the current year opens in January and closes June 5th, i.e. all applications must be postmarked no later than June 5th.

Click here for this year's Merchant Application for the War, including all merchant requirements and rules of operation.

Please Note: If a check comes back from a bank (or other financial institution) and is declared as NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), at a minimum we must ask for the fees charged by Chase Bank (the bank holding the An Tir / West War Accounts) to handle the NSF check. At this time, this fee is $12.00. We completely understand that mistakes happen, so if you wish to send a replacement check (or money order) please include the bank fee charged to An Tir / West War on top of the registration fee for the Event. Thank You.

War Shirts!

Tees will be a limited supply available at the actual event/ and only tees will be at event ( all other items are a pre order) Orders premade must be pre paid and will be available for pick up at event/ unless shipping and handling is negotiated earlier ....all un picked up items will be sold to first come first serve by Saturday afternoon 5pm (arrangement can be made after words for collections)