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Land Reservation  closes june 7th, early Registration bonus ends April 15th. 

To reduce issues arising from camp-size estimations, we are adopting a new camp reservation system this year, one based on land allocation based on the number of pre-registered people per camp:

  •  To make the land allocation process work more smoothly, each group must designate one person to be the contact person for their group.  A “Camp,” by Definition, must have FIVE (5) or more PAID, Pre-Registered individuals. That person must be pre-registered and be able to speak for the group. The contact person for your group (Camp Master) must enroll the group for the land allocation process, but individuals are responsible for registering themselves. To create a camp, fill out the Camp Master Application.
  • When you pre-register for the war and you indicate that you will be with a Camp, the Camp Master will be notified that you plan to be in the Camp.
  • If fewer than FIVE (5) paid, pre-registered adults sign up for a Camp, they will be assigned to the Open Camping areas.
  • Paid, Pre-Registered Adults receive an allocation of 350 square feet per adult, if paid/postmarked before April 15th -- OR -- 250 square feet per adult, if paid/postmarked between April 16th and June 7th.
  • Pre-Registered minors receive an allocation of 225 square feet per Youth if pre-registered before April 15th -- OR -- 125 square feet between April 16th and June 7th.
  • For each 10 paid, pre-registered adults in a camp, the camp will receive an additional allocation of 250 square feet (usually used as communal space).
  • Royal Camps and Territorial Branch camps (Baronies, Shires, etc) of 15 or more paid adult pre-registrations will receive an additional 1000 sq.ft. for communal requirements.
  • Please check with your local Territorial group (Barony, Shire, Canton, College, etc.) if you want to camp in Group Allocated lands.
  • ANY Camp may purchase an extra 250sq ft unit of land (350sq ft if by early reg date).
  • A map will be available on site at Volunteers Point and at the front gate.
  • Reservations for land allocation will remain in effect until 6 PM Friday. If no one from your group has arrived by then, your group loses its allocation.
  • If camping in an RV, put "RV Camp" in the Camp Name line of your registration to reserve RV space.

If you are trying to reserve horse trailer space, contact the EQ steward. Dry RV sites can be reserved through the normal Pre-Registration process. Dry RV camping only (no hook-ups available).


*maps are subject to change.

List of Registered Camps

Welcome to the Camp Leaderboard! Here we have the list of all the registered camps with the number of people registered to the camp and the total square footage of the camp to date. List of Camps, as well as individual and land count, will be updated at least every 2 weeks.

While a “Camp” must have 5 or more PAID, Pre-Registered individuals, we are tracking who's in the lead in terms of both number of pre-registered individuals and overall land reserved--and the leaders in terms of both individuals and land-total will each receive a land bonus to their camp total!


Concerning Pets

Please remember, this site is a working farm. Pets are limited to cats, dogs, and non-livestock birds, a minimum of 6 months old. Any exceptions to this must be okayed by the War Staff and site owner. All animals must have proof of current rabies vaccination. Proof must show an expiration date and be presented at gate upon arrival.