A&W War: Land Reservation

Land Reservation  Closed June 7th

RV Reservation Here!  Closed

We WILL NOT be charging for Land this year. We will be asking that you have someone appointed as your camp master.

  • Reservations for land allocation will remain in effect until 6 PM Thursday. If no one from your group has arrived by then, your group loses its allocation.
  • If camping in an RV, put "RV Camp" in the Camp Name line of your registration to reserve RV space.

Please note: This site is rented by the Kingdom An Tir and as such reserves the right to move the site layout as seems fit. All decisions on land layout is at the event team’s discretion. The site owner does not/will not negotiate land with you. Do not leave anything on site at the end of the event, if you do it will be put in the trash or lost and found as appropriate. No one will be allowed to stay pass Sunday.  This is non-negotiable.  Once the site closes you are to be off site.  If you have any questions on this please contact either Nadezhda or Attia.

If you are trying to reserve horse trailer space, contact the EQ steward. Dry RV sites can be reserved through the normal Pre-Registration process. Dry RV camping only (no hook-ups available).


Merchant Key

*maps WILL change.

Concerning Pets

Please remember, this site is a working farm. Pets are limited to cats, dogs, and non-livestock birds, a minimum of 6 months old. Any exceptions to this must be okayed by the War Staff and site owner. All animals must have proof of current rabies vaccination. Proof must show an expiration date and be presented at gate upon arrival.