Land Reservation Opens March 1st & closes june 16th

Copy and paste the following form into an email, then complete and send the completed form to the Land Allocation Officer. If you are trying to reserve horse trailer space, contact the EQ deputy.

SCA Name of Camp Coordinator:
Legal Name of Camp Coordinator:  
Phone Number and email:    
Which Kingdom you prefer to camp :  
Name of Campsite you want on the Sign:  
Number of People land is requested for:  
Are any of those people Royalty (Principality or Kingdom) or Heirs? Y  /  N
Dimensions of the land you are requesting (X feet by Y feet):
Expected Arrival Day/Time:  
Other requests (preferred neighbors, dry camp, noisy camp, etc.)
Please Refer to the Site Map.  Indicate your top 3 choices for camp areas, by letter, in order of preference:
1. 2. 3.  
Space remains in: E
All other blocks FULL as of 6/16.

*maps are subject to change.

Concerning Pets

Please remember, this site is a working farm. Pets are limited to cats, dogs, and non-livestock birds, a minimum of 6 months old. Any exceptions to this must be okayed by the War Staff and site owner. All animals must have proof of current rabies vaccination. Proof must show an expiration date and be presented at gate upon arrival.